New Year Fireworks

New Year celebrations are not complete without a fireworks display at midnight. Sometimes, you do not use all the fireworks previously bought, and you are left wondering what to do with the leftover fireworks. The National Fire Protection Association states that fireworks are responsible for 9,300 injuries and 18,500 fires in the U.S. annually. Therefore, you should ensure that the storage is handled with extreme caution. If you want to store New Years fireworks in working condition and prevent property damage and person, follow the following tips for storing new years fireworks until the end of the year.

1. Identify a Suitable Location

New Year Fireworks should be stored in a cool place with low humidity and low chances of dripping water or flooding. Water and moisture damage fireworks and makes them hazardous if you light them in these conditions. If you have dry fireworks after storage after storage but can see indications of water damage, do not attempt to light them, but you should instead discard them.

It is also vital to choose a storage location that is far from any source of probable ignition. Ensure that there are no exposed wires, gas heaters, water heaters, or propane tanks in your preferred location.

2. Container Specifications

The container you choose to store your New Year’s fireworks should be made of metal. Cardboard boxes are not suitable containers to pack your fireworks as they add fuel to fires in case it happens. Also, cardboard is not water-resistant; hence will allow water to get to the fireworks in case of flooding.

When you store your fireworks New Year’s eve, do not pace too many of them in one metal box as those on top will crush those at the bottom. If you do not have a metal box, you can use a plastic container with a fitting lid as the second option.

3. Secure Storage Location

Ensure you keep your storage container in a secure drawer, closet, or room secured with a lock. Children are naturally drawn to fireworks out of curiosity; therefore, it is best to ensure that they don’t fall into the temptation when left alone at home. Also, have a fire extinguisher near your storage location in case a fire occurs. The above tips for storing New Year’s fireworks are very important to follow.

Safe Handling of Fireworks

• Children should not handle fireworks, sparklers, and firecrackers. When sparklers burn, their temperature reaches up to 2,000 degrees, and they are the cause of more than twenty-five percent of all fireworks injuries.
• Fireworks displays should be held outdoors in open areas away from buildings, vehicles, or vegetation.
• Before you light your fireworks have a hose and a bucket full of water nearby in case of an accident
• Do not use fireworks when intoxicated or impaired in any manner
• If the weather is windy, postpone the fireworks display. Wind pushes sparks and can transport them to grass, trees, or buildings and ignite fires
• Carrying fireworks in your pockets as they may be set off by friction
• Ensure you have worn safety glasses before lighting fireworks
• Do not shoot fireworks in metal, plastic, or glass containers
• Do not place or hold fireworks in any body part when you ignite the fuse
• Ignite one firework and quickly step back. If it fails to light correctly, do not attempt to relight it or handle a malfunctioning firework.
• Spectators should be a safe distance away from the shooter. Never point or throw fireworks at anyone.

Do you require a License to Store Fireworks?

If you are storing Hazard Type 4 fireworks that are less than 50kg, you do not require a license to store them in your home. Those who shoot fireworks for commercial purposes and have fireworks leftovers with a weight of up to 100kg of Hazard Type 3 fireworks need a license. With this fireworks class, you can only store the fireworks for five consecutive days and then obtain a license for the same.

Storage of more than 100kg of fireworks requires licensing from relevant authorities, in most cases, local fire and rescue agencies or local council. Your local fireworks retailer can also furnish you with more information on the storage of fireworks.

Safe Disposal of Fireworks

Collect all debris. After the New Year’s fireworks display, scout the area for scattered pieces after the explosion. Take note of the location the fireworks land in the ground and mark the locations for picking later. Make sure you collect all the pieces to avoid starting a fire from fireworks that are still burning.

Also, fireworks pollute the environment as they contain hazardous metals that negatively affect the ecosystem by contaminating the water table.

• Immerse the used fireworks in water and ensure that they are entirely waterlogged. The same applies to duds after you determine that they are safe for handling. Soak them for 15 minutes, but other experts suggest that you can extend the time to 48 hours. After ensuring that the fireworks are waterlogged, drain the remaining water into the toilet.
• Wrap the fireworks in plastic wrap, Ziploc bag, or trash bag to prevent them from drying up. You can double-wrap the bags or put several fireworks in one bag provided the bag is sealed correctly. You can now throw the sealed bag in the garbage can. The same process applies to other combustible. If you are in a position to deliver the sealed bags yourself to the waste center. Inform workers at the center the condition of the fireworks; spent, live, or duds.
• Some communities make arrangements to collect all used fireworks; you can ask around your neighborhood for this. Your local Fire Department may also provide more information on the same. But, never recycle fireworks. Although they are mostly made of paper, they are not recyclable.

Is It Safe to Use Old New Year Fireworks?

Old fireworks are safe to use if appropriately stored in a sealed container in a dry place with low humidity. Assess the fireworks for damages and signs of water absorption. If none are available, they are safe to use. Look out for dented cones, missing sticks, loose fuses, or lost fins; these are signs that the fireworks are not safe and should be disposed of immediately.

If your fireworks’ storage is good under dry conditions, fail to light, leave them alone for 30 minutes and keep them away from you or anyone else. After an elapse of 30 minutes, follow the proper disposal of used fireworks, starting with soaking them in water.

In conclusion, fireworks should be handled with care as they can cause accidents and damage to property. After your fireworks, New Year’s eve display, follow the outlined tips for safely storing New Year’s fireworks. Come to Fireworks Outlet OKC for all your New Years Firework needs!