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June 15th – July 4th

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July 3-4 9am- Midnight

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July 5 – Dec 24

Fireworks Outlet OKC: Current Deals

The Fireworks Outlet OKC strives very hard to keep its prices at Outlet Pricing. We order in large quantities and bulk to keep costs down. They strive to pass on that savings to you, the customer. In addition, The Fireworks Outlet OKC has several “buy one get one free” on different items each year. They also offer a Spin To Win Wheel. After spending a certain amount in the store, customers get to spin the wheel to win a free item in the store. We also offer price breaks for larger orders. We honor competitors’ coupons and even offer special discount Coupons on their social media.

About Fireworks Outlet OKC: “Buy Here & Shoot Here”

 Yes, you heard that right! You no longer have to worry about where to shoot your fireworks!

When you buy from the Fireworks Outlet OKC, it gains you access to the shooting area! Simply hold onto your Fireworks Outlet OKC receipt and you are ready to go shoot your fireworks. The area provided is a large field with a firetruck insight. Many times, there are vendors, and bands present to add to your enjoyment. Directions are given to this location at the Fireworks Outlet OKC after purchase. Fireworks Outlet OKC – 6101 South Eastern OKC.

Which Fireworks Are Illegal?

Each City and State has different regulations concerning the discharge of fireworks. Keep in mind that Fireworks ARE LEGAL to purchase, have, transport, and shoot! You will need to check your local city ordinances to see if they allow the discharge of fireworks. The Fireworks Outlet OKC offers a designated place to discharge fireworks. In Oklahoma, the only firework that is banned is called a “Pop Bottle Rocket.” Other than that, any firework that you purchase at the Fireworks Outlet OKC is legal to shoot.

Can Fireworks spell words?

Fireworks that you purchase do not spell out letters or words. Most aerial fireworks make colorful displays for show.

Why fireworks on the fourth of July?

Everyone loves to celebrate. Fireworks were introduced in America to celebrate Independence Day and the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. The first celebration was in July 1776. Nowadays, you are not limited to fireworks in July only. Fireworks can be used to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, touchdowns at a football game, parties of all kinds, and even the New Year Celebrations.

Which fireworks go up in the sky?

If you are unsure which fireworks go up in the air, you can always read the label. If it says, “shoots flaming balls,” that means it goes into the air. If it says “emits showers and sparks,” it most likely stays on the ground. Ask a salesperson at the Fireworks Outlet OKC if ever in doubt.

Where are fireworks made?

The majority of all fireworks are made in China and shipped to the United States in large shipping containers.  From there, they are delivered to Warehouses and sold to customers. 


What fireworks are best for inexperienced users?

If appropriately used, consumer-grade fireworks are safe for every level of experience. Fuses are slow-burning to give plenty of time to step away after lighting. If someone is unsure how to use a particular firework, an experienced salesperson can explain how to use it safely. For this reason, it is essential to shop at a place like the Fireworks Outlet OKC. Their staff are experienced and will take as much time needed to help customers understand and feel comfortable. Beyond that, if a person is still uneasy, they should consider a small fountain, sparkler, or color smoke.

Which fireworks are safe for kids?

The Fireworks Outlet OKC carries a large variety of fireworks that are kid-friendly. Kid-Friendly fireworks are such things as party poppers, chickens, tanks, sparklers, fountains, and smoke balls.

What’s the difference between Fireworks and firecrackers?

Fireworks is a generic word to mean a variety of different kinds of items in a fireworks store.  A firecracker is actually a single light item that explodes with a bang after lighting. Firecrackers are sold individually or on strings of 100 – 10,000 rolls. 

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Fireworks Outlet OKC is located just southeast of downtown OKC at 6101 S. Eastern Ave. (near 59th and Eastern). Visit our indoor fireworks warehouse for a chance to win FREE fireworks. Do you love fireworks but need a place to shoot them? You can use our private park. We want to be your OKC firework destination. You won’t be disappointed.

For large purchases or to shop anytime outside of the public dates, we offer private appointments. Call us for your personal appointment. 



OKC Fireworks Outlet
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Fireworks Outlet OKC

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