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Fireworks Outlet OKC Fireworks Selection

10. Snappers

Snappers are very small firecrackers that do not have to be lit. You simply throw them on the ground to make a popping noise. They come in two sizes. One size is safe for children and isn’t very loud. The other size is called Bacon Snap. It is meant for adults and is very loud.

9. Smoke

Smoke comes in all colors and shapes. Some versions have to be lit, and other versions come with a simple pull string. You can buy smoke balls in a pack, or you can buy larger individual Smoke. The larger versions usually come in the shape of a giant smoke ball, a hand grenade, or just a large stick. Color smoke is great for all occasions. Dramatic effects for pictures, gender reveal parties, Birthday Parties, and celebrations of any kind. Fireworks Outlet carries a large variety of smoke in all shapes and colors.

8. Sparklers

Sparklers are meant to hold in your hand. After lighting the tip of the stick it will emit a soft and colorful spray of sparkles. Sparklers come in a variety of sizes and are fun for kids and adults. They are great for any occasion and celebration such as Birthday Parties, Weddings, and Anniversaries. Fireworks Outlet OKC carries a large variety in stock.

7. Lady Bug

Once you light The Lady Bug, it spins on the ground and emits colorful sparks before shooting up into the sky.

6. Rockets

Rockets come in several sizes. Once you light the fuse on a rocket, you have plenty of time to step back and watch it launch into the air. This is one of the most popular items in our fireworks selection!

5. Fountains

Fountains stay on the ground and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. After lighting the fuse, stand back and watch the show. Depending on the size of a Fountain determines how big the show it puts on. Many fountains are multi-color and have many different effects and sparkle patterns. Fountains are a great way to celebrate parties for all ages, Weddings, and Anniversaries. Check out our huge firework selection in-store today!

4. Roman Candles

Roman Candles come in a variety of sizes. Some roman candles shoot eight balls, and the larger ones can shoot over 300 shots. They always come in the form of a stick that shoots flaming balls into the air. Depending on which kind you get, they can be very colorful and entertaining.

3. Finale Cakes

Finale Cakes get their name because of their shape. They can be square or round boxes that sit on the ground. They come in a variety of sizes and can shoot anywhere from 6 to over 300 shots. Finale cakes can shoot a very large and colorful pattern 200 feet in the sky, much like what you see on TV for New Year celebrations. These are a must-have of our fireworks selection for any party and fireworks show. They can even be fused together to go off one after another.

2. Artillery Shells

Artillery Shells come in packages of 6, 12, and 24 Shots. They come with a tube that allows you to drop a shell into it with the long fuse hanging out of the top of the tube. After lighting the fuse, step back and watch the show. Some shells shoot one pattern and other shells shoot a multi-pattern display 200 feet in the air. Many people like Artillery Shells because they get to reload the tube after each shot. 

1.Variety Packs

Variety Packs are exactly what the name says. They are filled with a little bit of everything, depending on what you are looking for. They come in many different sizes and varieties. Some variety packs are small and made just for kids and contain small kid-friendly items. From there they continue to step up in size depending on your need. Some of the larger variety packs are so big that it takes two people to carry and can contain fountains, artillery shells, and several large finale cakes. Variety packs are by far the most sought-after item because they are easy and convenient. They can have everything you will need to have fun or to even put on any size fireworks show or Block Party.

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Fireworks Outlet OKC is located just southeast of downtown OKC at 6101 S. Eastern Ave. (near 59th and Eastern). Visit our indoor fireworks warehouse for a chance to win FREE fireworks and see our huge fireworks selection. Do you love fireworks but need a place to shoot them? You can use our private park. We want to be your OKC firework destination. You won’t be disappointed.

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