If you are having trouble finding the best firework shows in OKC 2022, search no more! We have compiled a list of the best firework shows this year and we are also giving you ideas for those days you may want to host fireworks yourself.

Why Care About Fireworks in OKC

Because unlike other states you can shoot fireworks in many places in the OKC metro, and if you can’t, there is always a good firework show to go to. There are some things you have to do on certain days. If you don’t, then the day is not complete. You have to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day. You have to eat cake on your birthday. You have to fall asleep for at least ten minutes after Thanksgiving dinner. These are non-negotiable. The same applies to the Fourth of July. Of course, no Fourth of July celebration is complete without fireworks! It’s the perfect way to end the night.

The flashing lights, vibrant colors, and booms of the fireworks will leave a lasting memory in you and everyone else’s minds.
There are many places to catch great firework shows here in Oklahoma City. Many of them are free as well! And if you’d like to have one of your own, that’s great, too. There are some rules and regulations you’ll need to follow, but Fireworks Outlet OKC is happy to inform you and give you all the firepower you need for a great Independence Day celebration.

Best Firework Shows in OKC 2022

July 4th Fireworks Near Me

  1. Get your red, white, and blue at a great Fourth of July fireworks show in Bricktown in OKC. The Bricktown Fourth of July Party features a free firework show in the heart of downtown OKC among a plethora of bars and restaurants. Catch a Bricktown Dodgers game while you’re at it!
  2. If you’re north of OKC, check out LibertyFest in Edmond! It’s a multi-day celebration that features concerts, a car show, and a fireworks display at night!
  3. if you’re south of OKC in Norman, head to Norman’s 4th Fest at Reaves Park. Enjoy food trucks, sand volleyball, family games and activities, and a Firework Shows in OKC 2022 to end the night!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Near Me

  1. New Year’s Eve commands as much firework power as the Fourth of July. It’s not a day to be overlooked. Opening Night in downtown OKC is the largest family-friendly New Year’s celebration and q metro area.
  2. For eight dollars, enjoy a night full of live music, light shows, and a midnight firework display at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark!

Can I shoot fireworks at my house?

You can typically shoot fireworks at your house if you live outside city limits. Always check your local ordinances and neighborhood rules before shooting fireworks. Some neighborhoods might impose a burn ban or specific rules against fireworks beyond local laws.
But if you’re outside city limits and have checked local laws, you can likely shoot fireworks at your house!

Fireworks Laws in Oklahoma

State Fireworks Permitted Fireworks Prohibited Age to Purchase
Oklahoma All consumer fireworks meeting the requirements of the CPSC, unless specifically prohibited. Novelties approved by U.S. DOT or deregulated by DOT. Skyrockets, including bottle rockets or stick rockets, M-80s, mail order sales of fireworks, and door to door sales. 12

State Fire Marshal – Fireworks Oklahoma State Laws

How to Safely Shoot Fireworks at your House

To ensure you have the safest experience possible, keep these tips in mind when lighting fireworks at your house.

  • Light the fireworks on a flat, concrete surface. Never place fireworks on or near grass, especially if it’s dry and yellow.
  • If you must place it on grass, put a wet wooden board down to protect the grass and give the fireworks a sturdy, flat surface.
    Follow these guidelines for a safe firework experience.

Where’s the best place to buy fireworks in OKC?

If you want to put on a firework show at your home and you’ve checked the laws for your area, then Fireworks Outlet OKC is the place for you.
We’re open during the weeks leading up to July Fourth and New Year’s Eve. We have the best selection of fireworks in the OKC metro area.

What kind of fireworks do we have?

Fireworks Outlet OKC carries many common firework types like rockets, roman candles, and sparklers.
But of course, what makes Fireworks Outlet OKC exceptional is our selection of firework packages.

One of our most popular packages is The Max. The Max is one of our top fireworks and holds up to 782 shots and 8000 grams of firepower. To put that into perspective, a 500-gram firework is the largest available for purchase in the United States.

The Max is an all-in-one firework bundle that will ensure your private show will compete with any firework display in the state.
If The Max is too much bang for your buck, then Fireworks Outlet OKC is happy to show you our other firework packages.

Firework Shows in OKC 2022 Conclusion

The OKC metro area has many places to see fireworks during July Fourth and New Year’s Eve.
Bricktown in OKC is an excellent spot for both holidays. You can’t go wrong with a family-friendly environment in a downtown location near many restaurants.

If you’re looking to do something at home, first make sure you live in an area where fireworks are legal. Once you do that, head to Fireworks Outlet OKC, where you can get all the fireworks you need to put on your best firework show yet.

Make sure your July Fourth and New Year’s Eve celebrations are done right by heading to Fireworks Outlet OKC or checking out out top Firework Shows in OKC 2022!