New Years Eve Fireworks

Shooting off fireworks makes for a great time for friends and family. No New Years’ celebration is complete without an excellent firework display. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the Oklahoma City New Years’ Eve Celebration to go virtual, making all the more reason to have your private showing. Let Fireworks Outlet OKC be your provider for New Year’s fireworks with our large selection of artillery shells, fountains, packages, and much more! We will be open for business from December 26th until December 31st. 


Where Can I Shoot Fireworks?


It is illegal to shoot off fireworks within the city limits without a certified permit. “A violation of the City’s fireworks ordinances is punishable by a fine of $177, confiscation of the fireworks, and a possible jail sentence.” This article provides more information about where you are allowed to shoot off fireworks. Fireworks Outlet offers a safe place to shoot off fireworks this holiday. Our private park is open to customers for legal shooting; we ask that patrons bring trash bags and are respectful of the area. Another great place to shoot off fireworks is Wild Horse Park in Mustang, where it is legal to shoot fireworks until 11 pm. A third option is Choctaw/Nicoma Park, where there is a big field open for shooting. 


New Years Eve Firework Safety

  • Make sure all fireworks and lighters are away from young children.
  • Make sure that spectators are an adequate distance away.
  • Never place any part of your body directly over the firework; always light from the sides to avoid serious injury
  • Make sure that canisters are firmly secured in the ground to avoid tipping.
  • Have the hose ready or a pail of water.
  • Don’t try to light multiple fireworks at one time.
  • Never carry fireworks in a pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.
  • After fireworks complete their burning, have the designated person water down any remaining flames.
  • As stated earlier, make sure you are in an area that allows the fireworks to be displayed legally. 


What Are The Best New Years Fireworks?


The most popular package we offer is “The Max.” This package has everything you need for an excellent showing in front of friends and family. In total, the package has 782 shots or 8000 grams of firework carnage! You can be the show’s director with this many different pieces, choosing how your family will remember your display. Fireworks Outlet has all the classic firework staples, including sparklers and smaller packages like “American Pride” and “Pyro Station.” 


We provide competitive pricing and the best customer service because we base success on your experience. We understand that our customers have many needs, so we offer a variety of high-quality product options. Fireworks Outlet OKC accepts MasterCard, Visa, and all competitor’s coupons.